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Our mission!

Teachers LEAD offers coaching and mentoring support to teachers by modeling and fostering supportive and trusting relationships. We believe teachers need ongoing, consistent, personalized support to optimize their efficiency and performance so that all students are positively impacted. 

In response to the pandemic crisis and the increased need for virtual support, we are encouraging teachers with virtual celebrations, check-ins, self care resources, and virtual social gatherings. This is in conjunction with online teaching support we provide.


We are a network!

We know that teaching is easier and more rewarding with the right support. We believe in order to be the best for children, you must be your best self first. Educators need a village too! Allow our mentors to coach and guide you through some of the complexities of the education field that you can't learn in a classroom. 


Self care, retention, and student success

Teacher effectiveness is based on student achievement. Teachers must be the best of the best each and every day. Children deserve only the best working with them, cheering them on, supporting them, teaching them content, modeling positive relationships and how to be a consummate professional, friend, and citizen. This is a heavy burden to bear. Who's the best of the best everyday? Teachers LEAD will help teachers navigate, understand, and master various aspects of life and work to be the high quality teachers that students deserve every day!